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Core Conditioning Calisthenics

Training is life.

We focus on locomotive exercise along with a variety of bodyweight and other portable training modalities meant to produce results.
Improve strength, endurance, balance and mental toughness.
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Fitness and physical strength enhanced through exercise specifically designed to improve performance in athletic competition. At Knetics our strength coach helps the everyday athlete meet his/her potential with strategic fitness plans custom tailored for each individual's needs. Injury prevention and proper mechanics is among the Knetics principals of training.



Core training improves posture, which contributes to a healthier lifestyle. Developing core muscle strength can boost the effectiveness of workouts and reduce the risk of injuries that sideline our efforts to stay in shape. Our master trainer focuses on core muscle strengthening training methods. These methods require proper alignment and progression from one type of exercise to another — adjusting to your body and fitness level.



Bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to stay in shape while reducing the risk of injury. Our calisthenics based workout plans build muscle stamina, strength, and flexibility. By adding a form of cardiovascular activity like running or jumping rope to complete the workout, you can burn more calories and improve heart and lung circulation, giving you a quick muscle burn.



Knetics blends health coaching and fitness classes set in a bright, fitness studio conveniently located in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. Our fitness classes and strength training take place in a friendly environment that encourages physical and spiritual refreshment with relaxation-based post workout cool-down sessions. We encourages holistic health and nutrition through online recipes, nutritional counseling, guidance, and support.



With body weight, kettle bells, and resistance bands, just to name a few, our clients perform each motion for a period of several seconds to several minutes. Advanced clients might use our techniques to cycle through a series of weight-based exercises—each focusing on a different muscle group—in an effort to punctuate the strength training with cardiovascular work. After 45–60 minutes, you will have received an extremely well-rounded workout.



At Knetics we will develop a program that will fit your goals. Just tell us your previous fitness experience and availablilty and our trainer will help you reach your goals while building a foundation for a more active and healthy lifestyle. Our team has worked with professional athletes and organizations for over 15 years and we know how to maximize gains. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Train with a Pro

Commitment Yields Results

To get outstanding results, you will need to be committed to making the most of your workout. If you remain committed to the Knetics experience and proper diet, our carefully-designed training program will yield the results you desire. Whether it is gaining, losing, maintaining or preparing for an upcoming physical challenge Knetics will get you closer to your goals.

Seeing Is Believing

Knetics at Work

Kwanza Cosby, ACSM, CPT is our master trainer. He will consult with you to assess where you are in your physical training, in an effort to customize a workout regimen that will meet your goals. Watch as he trains his clients while challenging himself. Each session with Knetics Fitness places you one step closer to meeting your goals.


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Hear What Our Clients Say.

  • “I began training with Knetics Fitness at the end of 2015. My original goals were to lose weight and get toned. In that time I have gotten stronger as well as improved my endurance and stamina. Kwanza has also included a nutrition plan that has garnered results too, woo hoo!”

    — Candace Montgomery

  • “Knetics has helped me tremedously with meeting major training milestones. As an endurance athlete/Ironman and marathon runner, the focus on strength training has really improved my performance.”

    — Wade Lambert

  • “Kwanza emphasizes good form and habits. When I started working with Knetics I was a middle-aged newbie recovering from back and hip surgery. Thanks to his patient and clear guidance I’ve lost fat and gained muscle — but more importantly I’ve gained the confidence and knowledge. Exercise is now a non-negotiable part of my life thanks to Kwanza.”

    — Bob Gower